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Lynda Law / Presenter

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About Lynda,

Music has been in my blood for as long as I can remember actually.

In the first place I am a singer but making radio shows has grown on me in the past 24 years

The Lynda Law Soul Show can be heard radio stations in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, France, Greece, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, The Philippines and Canada.

I started singing and learned to play the electric organ when I was 7 and never let go after that .

My first professional performance was at the age of 12.

It tasted very sweet and so I decided to pursue a career in music when I turned 15.

I took part in many talent shows and audition events with a lot of willpower.

And on one night I got noticed by a talent agent

But I was also a kind of approaching person.

I DID want to sing with Gino Vannelli, so I contacted him, explained who I was and what I stood for in music.

And Gino invited me to Los Angeles to sing a duet with him for his album ‘Inconsolable Man’, a single called Moment To Moment

I performed on big stages with superstars like Jimmy James, The Drifters, Edwin Starr and George McCrae.

My idol in music is Anita Baker but I am personally influenced by any soul based performer that touches my heart.

Anyone that has longevity like Anita Baker, Jennifer Holliday, Santana, Gino Vannelli or anything funky actually